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Renovation Ideas to Spice Up Your Living Room


The living room is a room where we get some much-needed break from the intricacies of the outside world, a place where we rewind with family. Redecorating your living room is a great opportunity to figure out what is important to you, it’s a great way to cater to your evolving choices and needs in different stages of your life.

Synchronize Your Palette

Your living room doesn’t have to t be a reflection of your impulse buys. This is a chance to cultivate a pattern in your living room-whether it’s a recurring print or a recurring colour. Do try to maintain cohesiveness and synchronization.

Go for Bold and Beautiful

Turn your mediocre living room into a glamorous one using bold palettes. But keep in mind that harmony depends on using opposing colours in the colour wheel.

Hang Up Some Art

Hanging up some art can revolutionise your living room. Whether it’s a priceless collector’s edition or a creation of your own, try to maintain harmony with the dominant colours of the room. When buying art, look at different styles and identify the feelings that each invokes because the artworks should reflect you.

Don't Forget About Greenery

Get some plants if you’re on a low budget or live in a rental where you can’t invest much in your design. Without breaking the bank, greenery gives life and freshness to any room.

Mix Light and Dark

A living room that is completely white and bright can feel excessively “clean” and distant. On the contrary, It can feel like a cave when everything is dark. However, combining dark and light colours gives a dynamic, balanced effect. Incorporating at least a little white and a little black into the design of any area is beneficial.


In conclusion, don’t take it too seriously. At the end of the day, it is your living room. So, whatever works for you should be alright. Do share your living room before and after photos in the comment box.

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