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Here’s Why Hand-Carved Furniture Are An Ideal Option For Enhancing Your Home’s Aesthetic Value As Timeless Assets

Opulent furniture reflects a homeowner’s good taste; it is an important investment as valuable hard-earned money is spent on its purchase. Good heirloom-quality furniture has to be valuable consisting of quality high-quality original wood and upholstery handmade to impeccable perfection. Most people prefer personalized wooden furniture possessing more beauty and uniqueness which ordinary mass-produced furniture lack. 

Ordinary mass-produced furniture is manufactured through machinery allowing manufacturers to produce large numbers in a relatively short time; they lack refinement and fine finishing details which hard-carved fine furniture is uniquely known for.  Fine hand-carved furniture is a prudent investment as their value increases gradually with time considering the scarcity of finer wood qualities which increase daily due to the reduction in trees – natural sources of fine qualities of wood have decreased sharply worldwide due to depleting forests.

Only a select few privileged members of society belonging to the affluent class purchased, owned, and appreciated classic hand-carved furniture of fine quality in the past but even many upper-middle and middle-class people of Bangladesh are now opting for heirloom quality furniture comprehending the long-term increasing value, and the sheer beauty and uniqueness it reflects transforming their home into an impressive expression of superior taste in choice of home furnishings

Gradual increase in education and financial reach of people in Bangladesh has contributed to this refinement in furniture preferences leading to a massive growth of fine furniture showrooms featuring classic furniture of the highest hand-carved quality and variety.

Let’s see exactly how customized / hand-carved furniture of superior quality proves to be the best option for you.


Custom-made home furnishing beautifies homes comfortably fitting the available spaces in individual homes.  They magnify the homeowner’s love for their home by the way they are placed.  The unique upholstery colours and textures also greatly add creative distinction making homes uniquely stand out in their own right. 


Hand-carved furniture enhances a home’s beauty one step further as the fine details of the carvings reflect magnificence in aesthetic grandness adding great value and a superior look to any home.  Fine hand-carved furniture displays the homeowner’s sophistication in taste for the finer things in life – most uniquely distinct and of good quality. 

As finer qualities of wood and even the cost of manufacturing hand-carved customized furniture is on a rapid rise – the monetary value also continuously grows gradually with time.


Customized furniture specifically fits in with the environment of your home whether it is your Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, or even your Bathroom – customized furnishings offer a neat and clean look perfectly fitting into the very space in which it has been fitted.  These could be cabinets or wall storage in any part of your home. 

Entire Bedrooms can be customized with built-in fine wooden furnishings which can be fully or partially folded up for neat convenient storage, i.e. Bed with attached Bed-side tables and adjoining wall-fitted Dressing Table, and TV / Audio Storage Units all arranged into one interconnected modern convenient furnishing display.  An additional artistic touch can enhance this even further in the shape of tasteful carving on certain areas to add to the appealing look of choice high-quality wood used in the manufacturing. 


A talented Designer & Wooden Furniture Carver can work wonders for customized home furnishings as they precisely create the beautiful look conceived in the imagination of the homeowner with brains and brawn. 


As customized hard-carved furniture tailormade to client’s individual preferences and choices greatly save on middlemen expenses which are eliminated as the entire process is direct.  There are no middle dealers or showroom dealerships involved which considerably saves on otherwise avoidable expenses. 


Personalized fully-customized hand-carved furnishings are understandably durable as the customer personally inspects and selects all material; there are no surprises as in ready-made furniture where manufacturers save on manufacturing costs by using substandard material which is truly never disclosed to the buyers. 

Such premier quality in both material and manufacturing naturally increases the monetary value of this type of furniture with time making them true heirloom furniture which future generations use, enjoy, and appreciate bestowing sheer pride of ownership. 


Customized and hand-carved or hand-made furniture is indeed environment-friendly mass-produced machine-made furniture utilizes machines run on electricity or fossil fuels with obvious negative environmental impacts.  Synthetic material dominates such furnishings which are completely not biodegradable; the manufacturing process of synthetic material is even more hazardous to the environment due to the use of hazardous plastics and paints. 


Numerous superior wood qualities are completely resistant to common wood infestations, wood rot, and wood decay withstanding even the ravages of time.  Let’s see all of them together.


Most furniture buyers remain unaware of this type of wood which is the hardest and densest wood in the entire world; it is exclusively used for musical instruments. As African Blackwood has an amazingly long life in durability, and poses to be quite challenging to work with either with hand or machine tools.  These types of trees are also in scarce supply.


Mostly used in the cosmetic industry specifically in perfumes, Sandalwood omits its wonderfully-appealing unique fragrance even in the form of furniture.  Its overall international demand had made it very expensive. 

Sandalwood is also long lasting, resisting wood decay, pest infestations, and other types of natural depletion lasting beautifully for hundreds of years.


Pink Ivory, alternatively known as Red Ivory, is highly resistant to decay, pest infestation, and other types of natural wood depletion.  It is dense and hard – the ideal quality in furniture wood ensures the longest life for furniture made of this type of wood. Its scarcity has made it extremely expensive.


Also, known as Amaranth, it is a rare wood variety which is extremely durable resisting both decay and insect attacks. It is also completely water resistant prompting its wide use for boats, wharf deckings, and flooring. It is hard to work with through machines as it exudes a natural resin which clogs up wood-cutting machines; it can be only cut with hand tools with extreme caution.


It is amazingly water-resistant as it is naturally self-lubricating.  This wood variety can last for many years without rot, insect infestation, or decay maintaining its beautiful natural look.


Famous for being used to fashion furniture and high-quality tools, Bubinga’s long-lasting durability, resistance to termites and other insects infesting wood, and natural time-based depletion. 


This wood variety is famous for tea, oil, and perfumes derived from it; Agarwood is also an expensive wood type as it withstands insects and decay. 


Typically used to make sports good and high-quality furniture, Dalbergia is a rare and expensive wood variety due to its natural resistance to rot and insects.  Its sawdust is toxic; few woodworkers agree to work with this. 


Exquisite furniture and flooring are made from this wood type. Bacote has a unique Zebra-like contrast with a bold figure that remains intact after the finishing process giving it an eye-catching look offered by no other wood variety.


Teak is naturally tough and durable; it has solid and elastic fibres making it easy to cut into convenient pieces ideally suiting furniture with varying designs.  Teak is all-around resistant to all-natural elements resisting decay, insects, and fungi as well.  


This is an incredibly strong wood with high compressive and bending strength in comparison to other wood varieties. Mahogany is both robust and durable, resisting decay and insects; ideally used for furniture, yachts and other boats, flooring, doors, musical instruments, and much more. 


Another durable and easy to work with wood type which looks great stained or with a clear natural finish.  Coming in a variety of hues, oak‘s grain pattern is uniquely one-of-a-kind making it easily recognizable. 

Let’s proceed onwards to Upholstery Fabrics:


Customizing your wooden furniture also involves selecting upholstery fabric; the widest variety of fabric choice exists today thanks to the availability of synthetics.  But do not fret as all natural Rayon, Cotton, Linen, and even pure natural silk produced by silkworms and hand-harvested come in three different varieties – Silk dupioni, silk shantung, and silk linen – to give upholstery a truly royal look albeit at a rather high price.

Matching Curtains, Bed Sheets, Cushions with upholstery add more distinction, sophistication, and beauty to any home decor which only customization makes easy with affordability with tailormade perfection.


All consumers planning the purchase of home furniture now fully know the profound benefits of customized hand-carved furniture after reading with us the detailed pros and cons today.  Completely biodegradable, naturally-produced of purely natural wood involving no emission-causing mechanical processes which is involved in the manufacturing of mass-produced furniture which consists of mainly biohazardous, non-biodegradable synthetic material.  The gradual appreciation of the value of customized hand-made and hand-carved furniture is also a supporting plus point. 

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