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Creative Lampshades to Bring Elegance to Your Living Room

Well-made, attractive furniture and a thoughtful layout are key aspects of a living room design, but do you know what literally sets the tone? Lighting! A bare bulb’s light is passed equally in all directions when there is no lampshade. Directly staring at the bulb can be bothersome. A naked bulb’s intense brightness might actually harm the eyes. Lampshades can be used to block the eye from viewing the bulb directly as well as to direct the light where you want it to go.

When it comes to decorating your home, lighting is an important factor to consider. Your light fixtures not only give you the essential light to go about your daily activities, but they also contribute to the overall ambience. Even during the day, the proper living room lighting setup will provide alluring decorative appeal.

To keep your entertainment and hangout space well-lit, fashionable, and functional, we’ve compiled a list of creative lampshades that can bring elegance to your living room.

Pendant Lamp Shade

The light from the bulb is focused downwards by a gleaming metallic pendant lamp shade that is closed at the top. This makes the setup ideal for task illumination of a work corner of the living room. The gleaming surface also reflects the room’s ambient light.

Lacey Victorian Doily Lamp Shade

Doily is an ornamental mat made of fabric with a lace pattern. An old lampshade can be covered with vintage doilies and lace, the final product will add the perfect delicate touch to your room. The aesthetic covering dims the light and creates a Victorian ambience.

Bouquet Lamp Shade

The outermost part of the lampshade has beautiful vibrant artificial flowers usually made of fancy fabric like silk. The bulb is set beneath the flower layer and the overall setup looks like a bouquet. The light discreetly reflects the colour of the flower bouquet making it a unique piece.

Industrial Geometric Lamp Shade

These lamp shades are made with high quality iron craft. The structure consists of distinct geometrical shapes like triangles and hexagons. It’s a relatively open lampshade and spreads light in all directions.

Chinese Lantern Lamp Shade

In the style of Chinese lanterns, paper lampshades that surround the whole bulb disperse light more diffusely, rather than in a particular focus area. These lampshades are colourful and they set up a festive aura.


Creating the suitable lighting condition in your living room can assist you in designing the inviting and relaxing atmosphere you’ve always wished for. Lampshades contribute to the overall feel of a room by their shape and material, as well as having a practical impact on the amount of light available. Understanding the many types of lamp shades can assist you in making the best decision for your style and location! There are some other deciding factors while choosing a lampshade, for instance, whether it is for ambience, function or both. Checking if the lampshade fits in your existing interior is also necessary.

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